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Sealant Equipment

Anti Spatter Oil Applicator


Anti Spatter Oil Applicator is designed for preventing spatter adhesion on spot welding after dispensing Anti Spatter Oil on Spatter adhesive contamination part before spot welding.


Spatter adhesion prevention by spraying drizzle type on application part with controlling of pumping and dispense volume on the condition of diluted with water or original Anti Spatter Oil.




  • Automation feasibility(robot or exclusive m/c)
  • Flexibility of system
  • Appearance improvement(appearance damage prevention due to spatter adhesion)
  • Cost saving related existing repair
  • Minimization of working environment pollution (Anti Spatter Oil scattering)
  • Even dispensation of Anti Spatter Oil
  • Reducing Anti Spatter Oil using volume
  • Reducing facility investment cost (No need for booth and duct)
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