DMTS Co, Ltd. is providing the Sealing Equipment and the inspection Vision System as TOTAL SOLUTION for technical review,
manufacturing, delivery, local installation, and trial operation

Sealant Equipment

We are providing the Total Sealing System such as Structure, Hemming, and Mastic which is necessary for the sealer process applied to the automobile production line for bonding, watertight, anticorrosion, dust removal, and sound proof.

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The system is equipped with precision control sealing & dispensing technology required to manufacture battery packs and battery manufacturing process design solution delivery technology.

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It is a total quality inspection system of DMTS equipped with Massive defect prevention by real-time automatic inspection, history management by saving data, and centralizing date confirmation function

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We are supplying the best products that our customers are satisfied by optimizing the production process of design and manufacturing based on Damyung TS’ accumulated know-how

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Endless challenges for technological innovation and new product development!
The world's best sealing equipment begins with DMTS Co., Ltd R and D center.
The world's best sealing equipment is initiated from DMTS Co., Ltd R and D center.

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Passion, challenge, innovation,The door of Daemyung is always open!
We look forward to the challenges of future talent.

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We Inform you Daemyung's news and announcements.
We will Always do our best to achieve customer satisfaction from the customer's perspective

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High Quality Performance
Sealant & Vision Equipment

Beginning of Detail!! DMTS Co., Ltd.

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