DMTS Co, Ltd. is providing the Sealing Equipment and the inspection Vision System as TOTAL SOLUTION for technical review,
manufacturing, delivery, local installation, and trial operation

Sealant Equipment

Structure Adhesive Sealing


Structure Adhesive Sealing is designed for strong adhesive of panel by heat-hardened material when passing thru dry-oven after dispensing Structure Adhesive on various joint parts with exclusive Sealant Equipment.


In order to obtain lowered-viscosity state, heat is applied at working temperature of Structure Adhesive, pumping and controlling of flow rate are followed. After dispensing (Extrude Pattern) on applied parts, it is needed to turning back to the original high-viscosity state, and heating-hardening at painting dry-oven




Main Ingredient : Epoxy resin

Viscosity : 11,000~15,000PS

Dispense Temp. : 34~38℃


Automation feasibility(robot or exclusive m/c)

Flexibility of system

Panel adhesive reinforcement

Ability to reduce or delete of spot welding

Light weight due to Reinforcement Panel reduction

Improving vehicle safety due to crash rigidity increment

Improving silence while driving silence due to body distortion rigidity increment

Improvement of corrosion resistance

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