DMTS Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the world,
and doing our best with endless challenges.



Endless Challenge of Development Performance & Certificate for technological innovation and new product development.

The world's best sealing equipment begins
with DMTS Co., Ltd R and D center.

The world's best sealing equipment is initiated from DMTS Ltd R and D center. DMTS Technology Co., Ltd. has accomplished high quality perfection of products through continuous technology development, trials and errors over 26 years of CEO’s management policy and all staffs with "R & D" as the top priority of corporate value. Since its foundation in 1988, we have acquired 13 patents and one design patent, all the products shipped from our company are unique brand developed by our R and D center, and are ready to provide total solution to customers such as technology review, manufacturing, delivery, installation and trial operation, engineering service and local emergency response program. We will concentrate our efforts on developing new products and improving the quality of our equipment to satisfy our customers, and we will do our job as a supplier of sealing equipment! DMTS Ltd R and D center.

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