DMTS Co, Ltd. is providing the Sealing Equipment and the inspection Vision System as TOTAL SOLUTION for technical review,
manufacturing, delivery, local installation, and trial operation


DMV-B100(BPR) Vision


This system is a quality inspection system that utilizes Camera, Illumination, PC to acquire operation image of the sealer after completion of application of BPR Sealer. It also uses a dedicated program to determine width of the sealer, coating existence, and defective dispense. (It is necessary to make changes after reviewing lighting specifications according to site conditions.)



  • Automation feasibility(robot)
  • Prevention of massive defect through real-time verification
  • History management through data saving
  • Confirmable using data centralization
  • Non-contact inspection
  • Color-test method
  • Under-/over-dispense volume inspection
  • OK/NG inspection based on the shapes of the sprayed BPR
  • Convenient to use
  • Superior applicability for surrounding environment

System Diagram

System Diagram

Inspection Screen

Inspection Screen
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