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Touch Screen Panel Inspection Vision System


TSP (Touch Screen Panel) Inspection is a device that inspects a defectiveness of small tempered glass (including printing part) used in a mobile phone.


Technical Brief

As inline equipment for inspection and measurement for cover glass and TSP.
It has the following characteristics

  • Measurement : External size and Active region measurement (W*H) (about : 10 ~ 25 ㎛)
  • External Inspection : Scratch, foreign substance, Burr Chipping etc. (about : 3.6 ~ 8 ㎛)
  • Logo and text inspection(Artificial intelligence s/w applied)
  • Function : Align, review and MES data offer
  • Processing speed : 2.5 sec/cell

System Diagram

System Diagram

Inspection Example

Inspection Example
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