DMTS Co, Ltd. is providing the Sealing Equipment and the inspection Vision System as TOTAL SOLUTION for technical review,
manufacturing, delivery, local installation, and trial operation


BEST FIT Automatic Equipped Vision (DMV-BF100)


In a multi-product mass production environment such as a body assembly process, it inspects a degree of assembly quality and measures gaps & flushes between semi-finished products mainly assembled with master panel (Door, Hood, T / Lid, T / Gate, Roof, Fender, etc.).It is a system that applies to assembly automatic installation to feed back to robot by 6 degree of freedom value (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz) with the result of measurement.



  • Measuring Moving line auto installation
  • Sensor arrangement for measuring Robot or fixed type
  • Gap/Deviation inspection with high repeated confidence
  • Applying overall data base management system by statistical quality management system
  • Design of structure considering Reliability, Resolving power, High speed inspection function and Compatibility
  • Self measuring algorithm(optimized analysis algorithm)
  • Setting function for checking inspection status quo
  • Parameter setting function for a wide use
  • Simple management and maintenance

System Diagram

System Diagram
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