About Us

With localization and upscale of sealing equipment as our top priority values,
we have been recognized at home and abroad for safety and excellence through continuous investment and R & D.



Building a Global management System

Vision & Management Policy of DMTS

Corporate Coexistence

Customer Satisfaction Management

Ethical Management

Customer Respect

All appointments with customers are important and making smooth communication with customers
Protect all customer property equally as company property
Provide the highest quality products and services
Protect rights and interests of customers
Realize Customer satisfaction

Common Prosperity

No gambling activities and partner acquisition of shares
Common prosperity with partner companies
Prohibition of bribery and entertainment
Prohibition of unfair practices
Fair trade

Law-abiding Spirit

Severance of the collusion between politics and business
Respect the market economic order
Environmental protection and resource conservation
Aim healthy business activities
Comply with all laws, rules, and regulations
Participate actively in community service activities and cultural development
The best efforts for safety management and accident prevention

Employee Ethics

Employee responsibilities
Maintain honor and dignity
Harmonious organizational culture
Prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace
Prohibit mutual money transaction
Pleasant and safe working environment
Perform fair and autonomous work
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