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About Terahertz Technology

Non destructive inspection system by upgrading Terahertz core optical elements and modules

Terahertz waves lie between infrared and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum and share some of their properties. Terahertz waves propagate in a straight line like infrared rays or microwaves and can penetrate various insulators like microwaves. Unlike X-rays, they belong to non-conductive radiation. Terahertz waves can penetrate clothing, paper, cardboard, wood, masonry, plastics and ceramics, but the penetration distance is less than that of ordinary microwaves. Terahertz non-destructive testing can evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage to the object.


Photomixing technology

As a method for generating continuous terahertz waves, a method called optical mixing(Photo-Mixing) of two lasers is used. When two lasers overlap(Beating) in the same space and with the same polarization, a current with a modulation speed of the difference frequency of the two lasers is generated. The generated current is radiated into the air through the antenna of a photodiode operating at high speed to generate terahertz continuous waves. It is possible to manufacture a small generator with variable frequency.

THz Non Destructive inspection system

The terahertz non-destructive inspection system can provide new inspection and quality control technologies that cannot be replaced with other existing technologies in the industrial field through terahertz wave-based technology. Because this new technology is currently ahead of any competing technology, it could be a convenient factor in a wide range of high-tech applications such as THz non-destructive testing and security. Due to its compact size and functional flexibility, Daemyung TS’s terahertz technology can be integrated into sophisticated industrial solutions.

Non-destructive measurement technology for large-scale production plants such as automobiles, shipbuilding, aviation, military, and home appliances, as well as advanced related core parts, possess original technologies in various fields such as medical, medicine, agriculture, fisheries, industry, astronomy, and 5G wireless communication.

- By giving differentiated competitiveness to manufacturing innovation, it is possible to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic industries in the production-consumption revolution.

- Non-destructive measurement field: vehicle identification number QR system, non-contact industrial oil characteristic measurement technology, engine oil temperature measurement technology

Terahertz 2D Image Scanner

A low-cost, compact and high-speed 2D scanner was developed using a single polygon mirror and two motors.Using this technology, it is possible to develop a terahertz 2D image scanner system with the most competitive price at present.

Future of Terahertz Technology

Personal Security Scanning Technology

DMTS can diversify its business by transferring various technologies through ETRI.

Globally, we have various product lines and excellent technology by utilizing terahertz waves with harmless safety and high special permeability in preparation for existing radiation in the security, public safety and healthcare industries using terahertz imaging technology.

Technological innovation

Terahertz, which has differentiated advantages compared to other electromagnetic wave bands, has succeeded in commercializing the terahertz non-destructive inspection system through the development of subminiature, high-performance, multi-function, multi-mode, and low-cost core technologies. It is possible to create a new converged industry by substituting existing industries and new concepts in various fields that have not been experienced so far.

- Tag-type toxic gas sensing field using terahertz spectral characteristics.

- Terahertz image-based product defect investigation field.

- Watertight defect inspection field, one of the key demand technologies in the automobile industry.

- Portable high-sensitivity measurement technology field for measuring leaks, oil leaks, and gas leaks.

- Quality improvement field of manufactured products through wet paint thickness measurement.

- Non-destructive measurement field for investigating internal defects of multi-layered products.

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